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2. UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, …) Presentation. 👇

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BECOME A MILLIONAIRE (Earn $54,800± In One Year).

It’s is not easy to become a millionaire. For you to become a millionaire, you must be an investor(Put your money and time in a company with true future like AIM GLOBAL), be smart and hard-working, be consistent and have a Strategy.

Here is a strategy for making $54,800 or more per year in AIM GLOBAL.

Here you will become Rich, not immediately but definitely. So work with a TEAM, be smart and FOCUS.


  1. Invests in a system with an offer in your Country, where you can take your complaints. It must be registered and be paying taxes to your Government. It should have products and Partner Companies.
  2. It’s advisable to in invest what you can afford to loose.
  3. It’s not advisable to borrow what you want to invest.
  4. Read/learn and understand how the system works before you invest. This includes doing your own search, on reviews.
  5. Invest at early stages after you get the sufficient and necessary information. Do not overthink, for you may be focusing on the negative scenarios.
  6. Excuses and procrastination are the energy SUCCESS.
  7. Consult different experts in that niche you want to invest in before investing. If you consult a broke person, you may be assured of getting negative(broke advice)
  8. 99% of get rich quick like PONZI schemes and Cryptocurrencies Investments are SCAM. Invest at you own assured lose.
  9. Put GOD first. Pray before starting.

Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global)

What kind of business is AIM Global?

Yes. This is a business that can make you rich in Kenya, and it provides several legitimate earning means to its distributors.

Alliance in Motion Global Inc was established in MARCH, 2006 in the Philippines.
The company fights for aggressive worldwide expansion and currently has offices in more than 16 nations globally.

AIM Global is basically an exclusive distributor of premium nutritional supplements from Nature's Way – a leading American food supplement manufacturer.

Who are the founders of AIM GLOBAL?

AIM GLOBAL partner Companies


Countries with AIM GLOBAL offices Globally

Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, UAE, Kuwait, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Tanzania and Rwanda …. (MORE COMING)


Alliance in Motion Global is a business aimed at creating opportunistic avenues and prosperity through distributor empowerment. This way, they can achieve financial independence and also be economically stable through the maximization of market wealth. While some may question the legitimacy of its operations, the company has earned numerous accolades.
For instance, it earned the Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry award from the Multi-Level Marketing International.
The agency is also the only entity of its kind that is known to have a daily payout system.



Watch the video above to familiarize yourself with the Products being offered by AIM Global. These products have been ranked the Top Direct Selling Products Worldwide by Business For Home since 2016.



When you search online for different ways of making money through AIM GLOBAL, you may find a range of options. Most results place these at seven, but all these can be summarized to three main earning methods.





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This is among the mainly used and easiest methods to make money through AIM Global. The strategy simply involves selling products for profits.
By doing this, you are entitled to an instant discount of between 25% - 50% on the products that you will buy, also known as the distributor Price (DP).
You can set a higher selling price for your products, but you must maintain the rates within the Suggested Retail Price levels (SRP). As a direct seller, this will be your profit and is way higher compared to other agencies.
For instance, once you have mastered the art of selling, you can purchase global packages and sell the received items.
Since the value of the product you buy under a Global package is usually higher than the amount you will pay, you are guaranteed of a good profit when you sell direct.
You will then purchase the package and sell all your commodities to accumulate the maximum 15 AIM Global accounts.

By doing this, you will earn 14 direct referrals {System will pay you ( Kshs. 15,400 or $154 - DIRECT REFERRAL BONUSES) + ( Kshs. 21,000 or $210 - MATCHING SALES BONUSES) = Kshs. 36,400 or $364 } IN ADDITION TO THE PROFITS YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING FROM SELLING PRODUCTS.

All these will have a great impact on your earning.

You can buy even buy individual Products that sells faster according to your research and experience.

Method 2⃣ - REFERRAL & TEAM WORK. (You are the SPONSOR)

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A referral is basically the person that has signed up as a distributor of AIM Global products under your invitation. You may refer to such an individual as your downline, but the definitions of the two words are not the same.

When you have joined AIM GLOBAL, you are required to join two people, one on your Right side and the other on your Left side. (Here you are the SPONSOR & UPLINE, while they are your Direct downlines.)

People ask; How will I get those first two people?

ANSWER 1: Everyperson have between 50 to 300± contacts in his/her PhoneBook or WhatsApp. Your SPONSOR or UPLINE or TEAM MEMBERS will assist you in drafting an invitation message which you will send to some of people(about 100) in your contact list. I am sure you must find some people who will react positively to you message, others may ignore your message, others may react negatively. Please, start with group of people who reacted positively. The remaining 2 groups of people (plus those in your contact list that you didn’t send your invitation message) you will deal with them later if you will have gained enough experience in AIM GLOBAL.

ANSWER 2: You will get your first 2 people plus more SPILLOVER from Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Snapchat, … even YouTube).

Any other person(s) that you will join after the first 2 people will be called SPILLOVER. (Here you are the SPONSOR but UPLINE will be anybody else, either your first 2 people or someone under you/ in your TEAM called DOWNLINE.)

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Under this section, you have several earning ways to utilize:

Sponsoring bonuses.

Whenever you join/SPONSOR a person, you will receive sponsoring bonus of Kshs. 1,100 ≈ $11 💵 for each person that you join/ SPONSOR.

If you join/SPONSOR 10 people, you will earn Kshs. 11,000 ≈ $110 💵💵

If you join/SPONSOR 100 people, you will earn Kshs. 110,000 ≈ $1,100 💵💵💵

Matched sales bonus.

Matched Sales Bonus is the method with which Millionaires of bucks/money is generated/earned, because this is where TEAMWORK is applied greatly.

Also called the Binary System.
This allows you to create two groups/TEAM in your account; the Left and Right groups. Each of these groups has several levels. To make money, every level on the Groups/TEAM must form a total of 2,400 points{SV} (1,200 points{SV} on Left and Right).

Sometimes, people in your Left Group may be vigorous in joining people to AIM GLOBAL then the people in your Right Group. In such case you will have more points(unpaired) in your Left Leg.

This is TEAMWORK, that’s why Millions of bucks 💵💵💵💵💵 are generated using this means.

You need to work with people in your Right Group or motivate them to join more people.

From this combination of points, a distributor(You or Your TEAM members) will earn a Matched sales bonus of Ksh. 3,000 or $30

Simple, whenever a person join your Left Group and another on your Right Group, the system pay you $30 automatically.

Unilevel sales bonus.

Creating downlines/TEAM basically refers to placing members under you. You are entitled to 5% of the total product points{SV} earned until you reach the 10th level. These points are usually issued every time a product has been purchased. The Dynamic Compression, a unique feature of the scheme, guarantees bonuses for each of the 10 levels to any inactive distributor provided they are within the earning levels.

Overriding Stair Step commission.

As a distributor, you will grow your rank by gaining positional points.

Currently, you have to go through six ranks:

Silver Executive (SE) 10%
Gold Executive (GE) 20%
Global Ambassador (GA) 30%
Ruby Global Ambassador (RGA)
Diamond Global Ambassador (DGA)

As you climb to higher ranks, you will get higher stair step commissions calculated based on rank difference.

GA-MAX 10.

If you sign up as a Global Ambassador, you stand to enjoy an additional income of 2% of the group sales volume beyond the 10th level with both roll-down and roll-up dynamic compressions.

Flow Back points.

By doing either double or triple personal monthly achievements, your commission points will grow by 20% - 30%.


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This is the third and most interesting way to rake in from the scheme. It is different from the other typical methods of earning through network marketing, but it is known to generate leads in the long run.
Those who find it difficult to convince people to enter the business will find indirect internet networking to be ideal for them. Here are the stages involved:
Choosing your preferred niche.
Building a website to sell your products.
Optimize to attract visitors.
Generate sales.


SPONSOR: This is the person who will guide you through the all processes, AIM Global products, and invite you. (Just as I, Lawrence, have done)

You can connect with me on Click here to WhatsApp Me (If link doesn’t work, save the contact +254708581688) chat or you can just Call 📞 me.

You will then purchase Global Package.

Here, you will be issued products of equal value to the Money you paid.





NOTE: All payments have to be made through the company’s Bank 🏦 accounts in your Country. In KENYA a person can even use M-Pesa Paybill No.

Once you are done, you will receive the products from the team leader or branch/office manager. Here, new distributor(YOU) will be issued with the following:

The specific products Business kits with DVD presentations, Product Lifetime Discount (between 25% to 50% )


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When being given the Global Package, it will come with your Unique Registration I.D. and someone/SPONSOR will help you to register in AIM GLOBAL Website.

(In the Registration Form below are the details required)

A Distributor Tracking Center (DTC) account with the relevant AIM Global account login details. You will use this to monitor your business.

After completing the initial stages, you will attend a business seminar and be trained for free. Once done, you will be ready to begin the business and make your first earnings.

CONGRATULATIONS ❗ Wealthcome in the world of Millionaires. Poweeeeeer….. Grabeeeeee…..


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AIM GLOBAL pays through selected Banks 🏦 🏧💰 in your Country they are registered with.

For example in KENYA, the banks are:

  1. EcoBank
  2. Stanbic Bank

See one of my payment withdrawal below. I use EcoBank.

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NOTE: AIM Global is not a "get rich overnight" scheme as most people put it. It is a strategic scheme with huge business potential.

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📞📱 (If link doesn’t work, please save my contact +254708581688).

WARNING ❗❗❗ What works for me may work for you better than me or may work for you as it works for me or may not work for you at all. This depends on you ATTITUDE.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes and does not address individual circumstances. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! (I repeat, What works for me may Work for you better than me or may work for you as it works for me or may not work for you at all.)

Providing guidelines on Investment Opportunities.